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Baker Hansen at Big Dipper (Oslo)

To celebrate the great response on Baker Hansen playing Chet Baker songs in Norwegian - AND finally their vinyl-debut, they will play an intimate concert at record-shop BIG DIPPER in Oslo June 25 at 16.30. Be there!

BakerHansen soon out with a single taste from their coming album Ei som deg

Early next week the tune Sea du drog ( I get along without you very well) will be released as a digital single. This from BakerHansen forthcoming debut-album Ei som deg (Release April 11.2014)

Baker Hansen is the story of five Norwegian jazz musicians who have taken Chet Baker on a Norwegian language journey. The result is a fascinating encounter between American cool jazz and Norwegian mountain air, between old jazz standards and the Norwegian mother tongue. What does Chet Baker’s west-coast sound have to do with Norwegian poetry? Quite a bit, in fact. While staying in Scandinavia for several years in the 1980s, Chet collaborated with a number of Norwegian musicians. Now that the quintet BAKER HANSEN have taken up the torch, tunes from Chet Baker’s repertoire have gained renewed vigour through new Norwegian lyrics written by vocalist Sigurd Rotvik Tunestveit from Ål in Hallingdal. Through Baker Hansen’s lively arrangements, with both nostalgic and innovative touches, their audiences can rediscover a true jazz legend: Chet Baker.

Håkon Storm´s new album to come in February 2014

Fosfor is Håkon Storm’s sixth release under his own name. As a guitarist he works in the interface between an exploratory, expressive playing style, melodious lines and poetic sound surfaces. Fosfor is a new, exciting journey in landscapes that Håkon Storm is unique in creating. The use of a variety of acoustic and electric guitars produces a wide range of contrasting variations. The result is distinctive and original guitar music. The album was recorded live at Rainbow Studio with Jan Erik Kongshaug at the control board. The sound quality of the recording is exceptionally high, and represents a clear step forward from the NORCD release Zinober. As a guitarist, composer and bandleader, Storm has a broad background. He has played rock, fusion and jazz, as well as more experimental contemporary music, in which he explores the sound-producing potential of the guitar. He has composed music for both big bands and smaller ensembles. Storm works regularly with his own projects, and has toured in Japan and the USA, in addition to Europe. He also teaches at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.


The duo Duplex composes its own music, based primarily on tunes that focus on improvisational elements. The traditional functions of the instruments are challenged, interwoven and intertwined. The result is a lyrical, responsive and experimental soundscape that is appealing and thought-provoking. Duplex presents an unconventional format with a distinctive mode of expression.

NORCD is proud to be able to present Duplex’s debut with both the CD Duolia and the LP Sketches of… The duo, consisting of Harald Lassen on tenor saxophone and mbira and Christian Meaas Svendsen on double bass, is already well known from several other musical constellations. Among the groups in which they both play are the band Mopti, which won the top prize for young jazz musicians at Jazzintro 2012, and the Andrea Quintet.

“Duplex delivered a high-quality mini-concert with their own material, and impressed the audience with their mastery of their instruments and with their precise, beautifully balanced interplay.” Dagbladet, daily newspaper