Blink's blanding av tradisjonell musikk frå nord, og eigne komposisjoner passar naturleg saman. Desse unge kvinnene - er allereie røynde kunstnarar, og dei siktar mot stjernene.

Blink´s mixture of traditional music from the North, and their own compositions blends naturally together. With a stage performance radiating of feeling and humor they evoke both laughing, crying and dancing amongst their listeners. These young but experienced and awarded artists are aiming at the stars.

“Blink set the bar very, very high. Voices and instruments moved in musical fringe areas. The girls’ four very individual, and very personal forms of expression flowed into a fascinating performance with four different roles.”

(Hans Christian Davidsen, Flensborg Avis, 11.04 2011)

“These fantastic four women bring you to the great universe of Nordic music like no one else. With great integrity they create a sound that calls for the ancient Nordic roots and bravely bring them up to date. It's a lot of power, it's sensitive and it's some of the best at the Nordic scene right now.” (

Harald Haugaard april 2011)

# Tittel Spelelengde
1 5 min 34 sec
2 5 min 46 sec
3 3 min 40 sec
4 5 min 29 sec
5 3 min 12 sec
6 11 min 56 sec
7 5 min 28 sec
8 2 min 4 sec
9 6 min 21 sec
10 3 min 46 sec