Cisticola is the first single by duo Picidae, available on their upcoming vinyl release "It´s another wor d"  (Debut-album to be released Sept.16.2016.)

“There are some who add, who sum up, who gather, who pile up, who join together. Then there are others, who subtract, who give space, who go to the essential. Picidae belongs to the second category. ... Calming, almost immobile songs”  (Rockmondo, France)

Picidae (latin for wood-pecker) is an unique duo searching to find and express new sound-combinations with lyre, autoharp and other ancient and new string-instruments in playful interactions between voices and trumpet. On top of it all: Sigrun Tara Øverlands beautiful voice, telling you small stories you just want to listen to, again and again. The duo works within a style we might call medivael hymns and renessance music mixed with new electronic pop-music and jazz: Picidae´s Music. Debut-album to be released Sept.16.2016.

Sagt om Picidae (N):
"Magiske trylletoner" (Bakkjens basar)
"Himmelsk harpemusikk" (Havresekken)
“En symfonisk våkendrøm”(Jørgen Brynhildsvoll, Universitas)
“Lavmælte toner som fester seg til sjelen.” (Tore Myrberg, AustAgder Blad)
“Musikk som tar deg med opp i de høyere, mentale luftlag.” (Torgeir Eikeland, Fædrelandsvennen)


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