A NATIONAL MUSIC TREASURE  "Karl Seglem is a multi-faceted artist. He is a musical pioneer with a solid foundation in Norwegian tradition, but with a strong urge to experience the music of other cultures and a sense of inquisitiveness that is always intriguing and constantly surprising. He is especially well known for his wide selection of goat horns. Seglem is a true original, an innovative composer and performer who has created his own distinctive idiom. He is unique, and nearly always garners rave reviews. All the same, many people believe that his work appeals to too narrow an audience. That’s how wrong people can be. Most of it is very melodious, making the music easily accessible. On the contrary, he should be welcomed as a national music treasure. Anniversary celebration His unique voice gives us a long-desired refuge for meditation, pleasure and delight. At the same time his world of sound is both genre-defying and full of challenging contrasts, rhythmic drive and strange sounds that inspire the listener’s imagination. He is currently celebrating 30 years as a musician, composer and poet with the boxed set JazzBukkBoxSvein Andersen, Aftenposten (Daily Norw.Newspaper) 9.10. 2015.


Fysisk salg


Etter 30 år som plateartist er jubilanten Karl Seglem fortsatt en banebrytende komponist og utøver.

Andre utgjevingar

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featuring Odd Nordstoga