Live in Germany

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Norway has spawned quite a plethora of distinctive musicians that have made it their enterprise to merge musical traditions, often from their respective homesteads, with contemporary expressions, world music and improvisational jazz. Tenor-saxophonist and goat horn player Karl Seglem looms prominently among these and he is unquestionably one of the great innovators and visionaries of Norwegian music; reinvigorating both Norwegian traditional genres and jazz with his unwavering will to fuse expressions, pursue crossover ventures and embrace new instruments, sounds and perspectives. Seglem has played an important role on the Norwegian jazz scene. His CD-production counts 33 albums (2015).

Karl Seglem has toured Germany every year since 1996. It started out with the trio Utla, continued with his world-jazz quartet and quintet, and  in autumn 2013 he did the first tour with his acoustic quartet. Then this album was recorded at these four venues: Bremen, Alte Sendesaal 23.10.13, Munchen, Unterfahrt, 26.10.13., Zehdenick, Kloster, 30.10.13., and Marburg, KFZ, 02.11.13. Technically the recordings were done in a very simple way, being recorded directly to disc by a Neumann KM184 stereo pair. It gives honest live soundmemories, and you can feel the intimate atmosphere at the different venues.

# Tittel Spelelengde
1 4 min 16 sec
2 9 min 34 sec
3 2 min 58 sec
4 5 min 19 sec
5 6 min 19 sec
6 7 min 55 sec
7 3 min 39 sec
8 9 min 58 sec
9 8 min 16 sec


Etter 30 år som plateartist er jubilanten Karl Seglem fortsatt en banebrytende komponist og utøver.
Karl Seglem er en musikant og en visjonær med et sjeldent pågangsmot. I denne boksen med tre cder viser han oss litt av sitt mangfold.

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