“His music brings to mind open, powerful landscapes, rugged mountains outlined on a dark horizon, and a foaming sea during a storm. His sound is like a shadow in a late summer evening, suffused with pulsating light from a low sun.” This was how the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reviewed a recent concert by Karl Seglem. The tenor saxophonist was compared to stars such as Brian Eno and John Coltrane, and his concerts were described as long musical journeys through his native country of Norway – and through the history of jazz. It is a major event that Seglem now has put together a new and very powerful album. A mix from his work with his WorldJazz-band where his collaborating friend, The Hardanger fiddle master Håkon Høgemo is the powerful motor in many ways. The album demonstrates to the full the outstanding work accomplished by the musician and composer as an innovative tradition-bearer at the musical interface between jazz and folk music. There are few musicians in Europe who have developed such a genuinely distinctive musical language.
# Tittel Spelelengde
1 5 min 55 sec
2 6 min 7 sec
3 5 min 52 sec
4 7 min 59 sec
5 5 min 21 sec
6 3 min 35 sec
7 4 min 25 sec
8 7 min 55 sec
9 5 min 44 sec
10 4 min 27 sec
11 6 min 38 sec


Etter 30 år som plateartist er jubilanten Karl Seglem fortsatt en banebrytende komponist og utøver.
Karl Seglem er en musikant og en visjonær med et sjeldent pågangsmot. I denne boksen med tre cder viser han oss litt av sitt mangfold.

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