Andrea kvintett

Andrea Rydin Berge presents her music with an unusual lineup. Along with the three young saxophone players Svein Magnus Furu, Harald Lassen, Kim-Erik Pedersen and Christian Meaas Svendsen on bass, Andrea manage to combine talented jazz musicians with interesting arrangements based on well-crafted songs from a singer/songwriter. The Norwegian singer is indeed a special artist and her storytelling concerts have been well received by the audience both in Norway, Denmark, Germany and England.

“She writes, composes and sings like a star.” - Vårt Land, Norway

“The distinct and transparent soundscape shows a playful approach to the fine arrangements. With a voice that is crystal-clear yet full of groove, Andrea is totally in control. She presents her powerful lyrics with great empathy and confidence.” - Hamar Arbeiderblad, Norway

“Andrea emerges with a strong band orientation on her debut record. The distinctive format of the ensemble enables her to merge pop with jazz and to lift the music above the most banal and ‘sensitive’ folk-pop. Here traces of both Charles Mingus and Rickie Lee Jones can be heard.” - Morgenbladet, Norway

“She sings with confidence and eloquence, in a productive collaboration with saxophonists Harald Lassen, Svein Magnus Furu and Kim-Erik Pedersen, in addition to bassist Christian Meaas Svendsen. They all belong to the ‘young and exceptionally promising’ generation that is beginning to take giant steps into the established, professional Norwegian jazz community.”​-Dagbladet, Norway

"The Andrea Kvintett is a quintet formed around the Norwegian singer-songwriter Andrea Rydin Berge. This is the band’s first release and in 2013 Rydin Berge will release her first solo album. Her beautiful, crystal clear vocals are backed by the four jazz musicians in a professional way. Don’t expect a folk album, it’s beautiful vocal jazz with Rydin Berge not only singing but also playing the autoharp at moments. The songs sometimes sound like a real jazz standard, while in other tracks she chooses a more free approach. Nice for lover of strong female vocal-jazz, not really a folk thing" Folkworld magazin, Germany