The music Bol presents is composed and/or improvised by the musicians themselves. They have drawn inspiration from a wide range of musical styles, and their music bears the mark of their distinctive talents, which merge in a close interplay that is the result of many years of collaboration. The focus is on improvisation, regardless of whether the musical framework is open or structured. The musicians in the trio concentrate on resonance and sound, important musical parameters that give Bol’s music its compelling originality. They take an untraditional approach to the vocal elements, which in addition to their role as the focal point of texts and melodies, are also electronically processed as a part of the group’s collectively improvised interplay. The members of Bol have been performing together since 1995. Their two previous CDs have received glowing reviews. The group has toured in Norway, the rest of Scandinavia, France and Portugal, and has presented commissioned works and made radio recordings throughout Europe under the auspices of the EBU. Bol consists of three prominent, active musicians who are well-established figures in the Norwegian jazz community.