Dag-Filip Roaldsnes

Pianist og komponist Dag-Filip Roaldsnes (1984) kjem frå Valderøya utanfor Ålesund. I 2006 starta han på sin bachelor i utøvande jazzpiano på Norges Musikkhøgskole, og han fullførte våren 2014 (i duoen Kiip Acoustic m. K.E.Pedersen). Roaldsnes samarbeider med blant annet A. E. Skybakmoen, F. Haltli og Edvard Hoem, og har også arbeida eindel med solo-piano formatet.



Ungjazzprisen til Dag-Filip Roaldsnes

Pianist and composer Dag-Filip Roaldsnes (to the right in picture) got an Award today. "The YoungJazzprice 2012" given to talented young Norwegian jazz-musicians. NORCD congratulates! His first album was released in October 2012 and has the title "FØRST". Yes it´s easy in english too: "FIRST". Check it out - buy it in our shop.

Først på turne

Pianist Dag-Filip Roaldsnes formed his ensemble in 2010. Here jazz, art music and improvisation merge to create a distinctive idiom, which could be called art jazz. The key elements of the music are the compositions of Dag-Filip Roaldsnes and the freedom of the musicians to express themselves and offer their own interpretations of these compositions. An interaction between the composed, the improvised and the meditative. Tone clusters, dance, poetry, melancholy; music as self-portrait, music as craft, artwork as idea and performance. The musicians work together to shape the improvisations. Collective interplay is always the point of departure for the ensemble. They create in the present, and it all happens with incredible speed. Impulses, interaction, and then variation and reflection.

Dag-Filip Roaldsnes – piano
Kim-Erik Pedersen – saxophone
Morten Barrikmo Engebretsen – clarinets
Tore T. Sandbakken – drums