Gabriel Fliflet

Gabriel Fliflet, accordion and voice

Gabriel Fliflet was six years old when he moved to Bergen in Western Norway from Skåne in Sweden. The singing of his Swedish-speaking mother from Finland and his Norwegian father, whose chosen languages of expression included both Hungarian and German, provided a fertile musical environment in his formative years. Not surprising, then, that he has made a career of frolicking in various folk traditions, Norwegian and foreign. Most well-known is his partnership with drummer Ole Hamre in the enigmatic duo Fliflet/Hamre.

Fliflet has worked with many musicians – for example, Jan Eggum, Kari Bremnes, Knut Reiersrud and folk musicians from Shetland, Finland, Italy and Serbia. For over thirty years he explored traditional Norwegian old-time dance music and folk music in the group Rimfakse. In the 1980s he could be seen playing in Greek restaurants and on national days with the Norwegian Zorba Ensemble. Fri Flyt was his Norwegian-Sami-Greek-Danish project. The popular musical of the Baltic region was the theme of the group Novgorod, while Salt explored the North Sea connection.