Per Jørgensen & Terje Isungset

AGBALAGBA is an African word (Yoruba-language) for old person. As a result of age and experience this person acquires a certain level of knowledge, and is given the title AGBALAGBA DAADA – meaning old, wise person. In a figurative sense, the working musician – starting out as young and promising – gradually attains the status of AGBALAGBA DAADA, adjusting musical perspectives in accordance with the growing process of life.

Per Jørgensen started his musical career in Bergen, Norway in the seventies and is today one of the most acclaimed and sought after jazz musician. With the trio concept Jøkleba! developed together with Jon Balke (keyboards) and Audun Kleive (drums), he reached a wide audience in Scandinavia, playing together for over ten years. He has also been a regular member of Jon Balkes Magnetic North Orchestra, from its start-up in 1992.

Terje Isungset is one of Europe’s most accomplished and innovative percussionists. With over two decades experience in jazz and Scandinavian music he is taking these types of music far beyond their traditional boundaries, becoming more like a cross between a sound artist and a shaman. Using sounds from natural elements such as arctic birch, granite, slate, sheep bells and even ice, he is highly recommended to those sensible to the poetry and simplicity of sounds.