Jon Eberson Trio

Guitarist and composer Jon Eberson is a true legend within the Norwegian jazz scene. Ever since he began his career with the band Moose Loose (1974), and on through his collaborations with vocalists Radka Toneff and Sidsel Endresen, he has always gone his own way. He has sold around 150 000 CDs in the course of his career, has been awarded two Spellemannpriser (Norwegian Grammies), and is both a pop hero (album “Jive Talking”) and a very highly regarded jazz musician and composer. He teaches as Assistant Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music among other places. Jon Eberson had dreamt for a long time of working in a trio format - with vibraphone and in forming this ensemble (2009) he chosed musicians with whom he had collaborated in various connections through the years. After having played for many years with vibraphonist Rob Waring, he felt the urge to compose his own music for a trio in a chamber format: guitar, vibraphone and bass. CMI was an obvious choice on bass as they had performed together as a duo playing jazz standards, and had released three CDs in other combinations during the past decade.