We are happy to invite you into our new web-sites and hope you find it easier to use - more functional. Less menues, a more open structure has been the goal for the young web-designers Tobias Føyn Føyen and Vebjørn Øyen. We will continue to develope our sites during 2012. Please tell us if something is not working or things missing. Look at this very exciting and diverted list of forthcoming releases for 2012. Independent Norwegian music is stronger than ever before. NORCD looks forward to work with all these fantastic musicians to get their music out there.

Kosmonavt, Vår bakgård, NORCD1209, jazz
Eplemøya Songlag, Møya og myten, NORCD1214, folk
Hullyboo, Bønner og flesk, NORCD1211, jazz
Hammer&Hersk, Flåte, NORCD1213, jazz/folk
Dag-Filip Roaldsnes, Først, NORCD1212, jazz
Winther - Storm, Spinnaker, NORCD1217, jazz
Summers/Silvola/Kvam, Mala fama, NORCD1215, folk
Kari Malmanger, tba, NORCD1216, folk

In progress for 2013
Karl Seglem, Isglem and more